O1: Programming Exercise Gamifizer

Gamification is capable of making learning more engaging and motivating for students, yet building gamified exercises could be overwhelming for educators, as it requires a lot of skills, time and effort. Programming Exercise Gamifizer is envisaged as an open-source software tool capable of automatic generation of gamified programming exercises. This is fully in line with the first project objective of enabling the automatic generation of gamified programming exercises, so that any teacher could create them with no prior knowledge of gamification and even using the tool for the first time, and is a way of attaining the general aim of the proposed project w increasing the educational potential of the FGPE framework by enhancing its usability for both students and teachers as in our opinion the gamifizer will both greatly improve the willingness of teachers to use the FGPE framework in their own courses, and will support the sustained growth of the number of gamified programming exercises available in the FGPE ecosystem.

The tool for the automatic generation of gamified programming exercises is planned to be developed as a web application and will be freely distributed on the GitHub platform in the FGPE repository under the GNU General Public License v3 open-source license, so that any educational institution can use it and, if necessary, adopt it for their specific purposes free of charge.