O3: Full FGPE-supported Course for LMS

The FGPE programming learning environment, thanks to the development of the FGPE Plus project, currently supports the LTI standard, allowing data interchange with any LTI-compliant e-learning platform, such as Moodle LMS. As for now, the full potential of this opportunity has not been exploited, as because the cost of developing a full-fledged course exceeded the resources available in the FGPE Plus project, only short mini courses were developed to demonstrate the technical capabilities of LTI support. The goal of FGPE++ is to exploit the potential of LTI support in FGPE platform and develop a full-fledged programming course making effective use of the FGPE platform. The LMS-based course integrating FGPE exercises will improve the learning experience of students, especially those who cannot attend the programming classes. Moreover, as it will be freely distributed under Creative Commons license, it will be highly valuable for programming teachers who could then use it as a template for developing their own FGPE-integrated programming courses. Consequently, this paves the way for providing FGPE-based gamified programming MOOCs, and will support the sustainability of the FGPE ecosystem.

The envisaged full-fledged gamified programming course with embedded FGPE-run exercises can be used in both a closed institutional LMS environment or as a MOOC. The course will provide learning materials usable for both supporting teacher-provided courses and self-learning of programming. The course will join instructional multimedia content with interactive gamified programming exercises run at the FGPE platform. The course will be freely distributed on the GitHub platform in the FGPE repository under the Creative Commons BY 4.0 open license, so that any educational institution can use it and, if necessary, adopt it for their specific purposes free of charge.